Being able to speak English is important for getting a job. It is easier to find work if you can speak the language.

In your own country you might have had a job that you studied hard for. You will not be able to do that job in Britain if you do not speak the language.

There are lots of reasons why you might need to learn English or improve the English you have:

  • You want to gain a degree in English
  • You need to improve your grades or take the International English Language Test System – IETLS. If you want to go to a British university you will have to take the IETLS tests.
  • Lots of employers will not give you work without proof of your level of English

The Westrin Study Centre Swindon can help with all these things.

Our courses are intensive and they work. You can study in small groups. Or you can have 1-to-1 tuition.

‘But I’m working and will not be able to come to classes!’

Do not worry. You can still improve your English. Our timetable is flexible and we will fit around yours.

You can have classes either:

  • During the day
  • In the evening
  • At weekends

We can come to your home or to your workplace, to give you your lessons or we can do it on Skype. Skype lessons are available for small groups or 1-to-1 tuition.

In a hurry to improve your English?

We offer intensive courses if you need to improve your English fast.

Why wait? Contact us on: 07921 54 04 75 or email at omwestrin@yahoo.co.uk.


Odile Motte
Director of Westrin Study Centre Swindon

Odile Motte

I’m Odile Motte. I own, manage and work in the Westrin Study Centre Swindon. I’m a French native and I’ve lived in the UK for 37 years. I’ve taught English as a second language for much of that time. Because I’m a non-native English speaker I have insider insight into the challenges involved in learning any new language. Which is why I’m in a great position to help you improve your English.

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