About the Westrin Study Centre Swindon

I’m Odile Motte. I own, manage and work in the Westrin Study Centre in Swindon,Wiltshire.

I’m a French native and I’ve lived in the UK for thirty-seven years. I’ve taught English as a second language for much of that time.

Because I’m a non-native English speaker I have insider insight into the challenges involved in learning any new language.  Which is why I’m in a great position to help you improve your English – or teach you or help you improve your FrBrunel Language centre - girl sat at laptop with blackboard behind her show Hello in several languagesench.


I spoke good English when I arrived here. Yet I faced the same struggles that anyone faces when they go to live in a new country.

I couldn’t open a bank account because I’d not been taught that. I had to learn how to fill in forms, register for the doctor etc. I had to learn too how to tell the doctor what the problem was. Where the pain was and what sort of pain.

I remember well the frustration of not being able to understand jokes and anecdotes. But the joy and satisfaction when I did! The pleasure in being able to understand an entire song or film – it can’t be measured.

It was all those experiences and more that inspired me to begin language teaching and to establish the Westrin Study Centre Swindon.

First-Hand Experience

I’ve got first-hand experience of learning a new language – I know the hurdles you’ll face. I can anticipate them before you do and help you over them.

I also understand the complexities of the English language. Vital when learning English – but also helpful when learning a new language.So, if you’ve been meaning to take French lessons or you want to improve your English don’t leave it any longer. Drop me a line on omwestrin@yahoo.co.uk.

NB: Spanish and Italian lessons can be arranged.

PS: We would like to stress that we are not in any way connected to the Brunel University in London.